Fractured Memories Volume 1

Fractured Memories: Volume 1

Short Story 6 (Untitled)

Short Story 7 (Untitled)

Short Story 8 (Untitled)

Short Story 9 (Untitled)

Short Story 10 (Untitled)

Story Format: 
270 pages (estimated)

This volume is a designed as a companion to the Awakening Series. Follow the characters of the Awakening through their Fractured Memories, an alternate version of the events in the span of 8,000 words.

In this collection, Dezmond confronts his past through distorted nightmarish memories in Dream Eater; Seth befriends a villainous dragon who has a few theories on slave trade in The Game: Beta Testing; William taps into his hidden talents in transformation magic in Arcanum Mutatio; and Astral steals an ancient manuscript hidden in the demon realm in Guiding Light and in Shadow Prey, with Seth as her protector, they must transport the tome to the nation's capitol where it can remain out of evil's reach safe behind the demon shields.

Fractured memories is a science-fiction fantasy set in a post-apocalyptic future where demons have over run the earth and threaten humanity's very existence.

Progress Report: 
  • 5/10 short stories complete
  • Shadow Prey Part II: drafted
  • Sgt. Scruffy story: concept
  • Christmas holiday short story: concept
  • Post Prodigy short story: 1/2 done
  • Norbert short story: possibility

All short stories are 8,000 words long (roughly a 45 minute read). Inclusion of Scruffy and christmas stories are part of reader requests. Adding to Shadow prey was a result of not being satisfied with my original writing model for this series. I'm happy to write up scenarios or elaborate on scenes found in the Awakening or Fractured Memories.