Fractured Memories Vol 01

Awakening: Fractured Memories Volume 1
Dark Fantasy
Story Format: 
Short Story Collection
Demons & monsters as threats
a dragon
Enchanted or cursed objects
Ghosts or Spirits
Hidden world/reality
High-school setting
Magic system
Magically enhanced weapons
Quest centric storyline
Virtual reality
Witches, wizards or sorcerers

Confront the Demon Within

In this collection of six non-romantic dark fantasy short stories you’ll meet:

  • A demonologist on the verge of discovery by a fanatical order of demon hunters. Mallik Wright has to choose between destroying his family’s legacy or killing the Red Order Demon Hunters, revealing his dark secrets to the world.
  • A lone demon hunter discovers that souls are being used to break a seal over a cursed tome. Astral has to fight her way back from an alternate demonic realm and seal the rift before a new legion is unleashed onto the world.
  • A Red Order apprentice who steals an old transformation spell. But when William transforms himself into a demon, he finds himself hunted by his friends.
  • A virtual reality program bent on killing the actors of a nationwide broadcast. Seth has to accept his role as the hero and go off-script to save his friends.
  • An old man haunted by regrets, lost love, and ephemeral creatures. He must confront the worst experience of his life or become a casualty of the Dream Eater.

Awakening Fractured Memories are the echoes of an alternate past; a glimpse into a world of would have and should haves, of warnings and premonitions. Each fracture is a short story focusing on a character or key event that led to the final incarnation of the Awakening.

Awakening Fractured Memories is a series of non-romantic dark fantasy short stories set in the world of the Awakening.

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Worth the Read, Worth the Time

Oh man, there's lots about the book that I loved, from the slow growing anticipation that crawls through your mind to the quick pick tense moments. Highly recommend giving this book a read.


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Great book and even greater world of dark fantasy with interesting and deep characters. There is war, emotion, mysteries, action, death but also humor.

It is a collection of six short stories plus the first chapter of Awakening: Prodigy all taking place in the same fictional world. The world is highly complex with its rich culture and history of having both science and magic. There is war, emotion, mysteries, action, death but also humor. You see the world from the eyes of different people.

How I liked the book (without story spoilers):

I liked the second story the most. It had humor, adventure, science fiction, action, criticism of society and characters with depth.

The first story I found both confusing and fascinating.

The third story I liked because the experience of the protagonist was described so well.

The fourth story again was a bit confusing with the magic system not really clear to me by now but apart from that I still enjoyed reading it.

The fifth story I also really liked, but it stopped too soon, I want to read more of it!

As a whole I really loved the deeper insight I got into the world and characters of Awakening. I enjoyed reading it and am missing it now.

Who should read Fractured Memories:

Anybody who does like multilayered fantasy worlds, dark fantasy, a plot which is not straight forward or philosophical questions about the nature of evil and society.

Who should not read Fractured Memories:

Anybody who needs romance in a book to enjoy it. Also if you don’t like changing main characters, this book is not the best for you. And for those with more sensitive stomachs the blood and death in some stories might not be good.

F. M.

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I can't wait for the next book

The world and characters feel very fleshed out. The author knows who she is writing for and the details have you stepping into each situation and story with a grounded idea of the universe that has been created.

These characters who I have met for the first time in these pages have been great to see again. My favourite of the stories is The Game: Beta Testing as the situations and character dialogues make me laugh out loud. To the weird looks of my spouse which make it even more memorable.


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