Arcanum Mutatio

Story Format: 
Short story
27 pages (kindle)
978-0-9879027-3-3 (ebook)

Life outside of the capital city is fraught with danger, especially as the night sets in. The township of Clear Water can rest easy knowing that they not only have a Red Order Master Hunter, but his two apprentices patrolling the area for demons who may have broken through the front lines into one of the last havens known to humanity.

William Mathers is fed up with playing sidekick to Seth Wright and Astral Daamon, both established as skilled demon hunters at an early age. Instead of training with his companions, he opts to learn an ancient transformation ritual which he believes will give him an edge over his competition. But can he do it without losing his humanity in the process?



I would like to thank the author for letting me have this book for free it was much appreciated. I read through with one sitting and yes in my opinion I loved this book even though it is short it is very well detailed an explained as best the author could. You can see what William went through including with the other character which she seemed a bit prissy though wish I could have known more about each one. I would recommend this series at least the start with this one, I would have to get book 2 eventually to see where this goes. Yes, it is a bit confusing yet worth seeing in the view of William.

Amber Kestner

A really exciting and entertaining read - full of depth and lovely details! If you enjoy science fiction or fantasy novels then you will surely enjoy Arcanum Mutatio.


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It's an interesting world and it's well written. In general I prefer full novels because I like something I can sink my teeth into, but I didn't feel like I was left adrift with this. It's definitely something I would recommend for those who like short stories.

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