Dream Eater

Story Format: 
Short story
27 pages (kindle)
978-0-9879027-6-4 (ebook)

In the throws of every parent's worst nightmare, Dezmond Daamon, has become the guardian of his recently deceased son's daughter. To add to his burden, the six year old child is marked as a demon hunter, drawing demons to her. There is no way she will ever be able to lead a normal life.

Determined to shield her from her fate, he can think of no better place to begin her training than the rebuilt remains of his former family home. Haunted by more than ghosts, Dezmond must confront his past or become a casualty of his nightmares.



Dalcourt's writing is smooth and fluid. In a setting as lucid as the dream world, transitions between realities can be difficult. This quick, exciting read was easy to follow, and even easier to get wrapped up in. We all wish there was some method to the madness of our dreams, and Dalcourt brings that to life here in just 8,000 words. Worth the read in this promising collection of short stories. Eagerly anticipating getting to read her other works.

Harris Rodriguez

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I don't write these things but this get a dam good from me so if you love twist READ it is worth it


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Its refreshing to read something new and different. Dalcourt is coming up!


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