Guiding Light

Story Format: 
Short story
27 pages (kindle)
978-0-9879027-5-7 (ebook)

Demon attacks have long since been the scapegoat for murders, disappearances, and other dark plans. When the village of Mountain Crest starts to show disturbing trends, similar to the events that lead to the annihilation of a small border town and the death of exiled Hunter Alexander Daamon, his daughter, currently an apprentice demon hunter, is sent in to investigate.

As Astral delves deeper into monastery's secret catacombs, she uncovers a breach in the veil separating the living from the dead where foul magic uses the spirits as fuel to open a rift into the pits of Hell. Are these signs just a coincidence? Or is the Red Order responsible for unleashing the demon legions threatening humanity's survival?



It is a interesting book with demons and all, shows what the main character does to fight for freedom in her life as most heroes do no matter the age. I am glad to have the opportunity to read a amazing series even if the books are short.

Amber Kestner

Guiding Light is a short story, but one that captures much in a short time. The reader is introduced to Astral, who at first appears to be eccentric, but her true nature is soon revealed. She is an apprentice demon hunter. Astral is an interesting character who sympathises with the plight of the villagers who have to live on food cubes, where as the Capitol enjoys the luxuries. This is a story about society and 'might vs right', as well as demons.

The demon plane is captured viscerally and I loved how the spirits were described, they were very unique.

Guiding Light is a fresh, well-written, story that doesn't rely on over-description. It carries itself well, and pulls the reader along. The ending leaves you wanting to know more. And there is more to come.

Gemma Farrow

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