Shadow Prey

Story Format: 
Short story
27 pages (kindle)
978-0-9879027-3-3 (ebook)

With the rise of the Council, humanity struggles to maintain some sense of order while fending off legions of demons aimed at rendering the human race extinct, all while surviving the ever shifting political battlefield of those who would demand complete control. Seth, Astral, and William, the three heroes, search for their place in the world, while trying to live up to the expectations of their benefactors and remain true to themselves.

15-year- old apprentice, Astral Daamon, has returned from a dangerous mission outside of the sanctuary of The Academy, a school specialized in the training of elite demon hunters. With the added protection of famed Hunter Seth Wright, they must ensure the safe arrival of a secret cargo that appears to be bent on destroying them.



This brief glimpse into Astral's life immerses you into a world riddled with demons, power struggles, and control. The story's pace kept me engaged and in suspense, and the details revealed by the author throughout certainly left me wanting more. I am most definitely looking forward to future publications in this series! Thank you.

Alain Lapalme

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This is a great introduction to an alternate world where humans and demons are embroiled in a long standing struggle for control. Enough of the back story is revealed in cinematic detail to invite you in to the world but gives very little away daring you to read on. I'm hooked to see how the story unfolds through the eyes of the main three characters in this world. I'll definitely be getting the next installments as they come out to learn more. A very enjoyable read!

Mark T

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