The Game: Beta Testing

Story Format: 
Short story
28 pages (kindle)
978-0-9879027-4-0 (ebook)

Once a year, the Council frees up the media broadcast to feature government approved entertainment that is put on by various schools in an effort to draw in additional funds for educational purposes. However, not all students are fighting for a piece of the limelight.

A reluctant Seth Wright is thrust into the hero’s role as a consequence of bailing out a friend. All seems well the day of the play, but he soon discovers a sinister plot that could jeopardize the lives of his friends. Throwing the rules out the window, he sets out to befriend a thief, rescue a dragon, ridicule a wizard, and avoid a princess' advances.



This prequel kept me endlessly on my toes, trying desperately to distinguish reality from some other force in play. The character of Seth is heroic without being too brash or overt, seeming to be forced into that role, rather than actively seeking it. Already there is a love interest in position, instantly put under pressure by Nicole’s valiant attempts to claim Seth.

The fantasy element of the ‘play’ that the students are doing is genius, taking part with real people in a digital world. I struggled to know what was play and what was real and I believe that was the intention of the author. I loved the honesty of the characters, especially Astral, whose innocence and underdog casting I was immediately drawn to. William on the other hand is a complete liability and produces the overwhelming urge in the reader, to shake him. There was clever humour there, which I appreciated, but underneath there was an invoking of fear because I couldn’t see where the author was leading me. I will definitely look forward to the next book.

Ngaruawahia Girl

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