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Amber V. Dalcourt was convinced that her family home was haunted. Surrounded by storytellers and half a family tree steeped in mythology, lore and superstition, she drew on her occult heritage to conjure up demons, ghosts and things that go bump-in-the-night to fill the pages of her imaginary world.

A self-proclaimed lazy perfectionist, she would often lose herself in deep, multi-level stories through gaming and fantasy novels. Early on, she was mesmerized by the power of the written word and visual storytelling, shaping her career in Design and Animation around it.

She is a lover of modern sorcery, psychological character portrayals, epic battles between good and evil and the huge grey area that separates them.

Amber is currently writing two non-romantic dark fantasy series.

  • In Awakening, Humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction in a war against demons. A trio of young Hunters rise up to face against impossible odds. But was their path their own or was their fate engineered for a battle no one knew they were fighting.
  • In the short story collection Fractured Memories, a single decision can alter the course of a generation of Hunters. A single moment is explored as new decisions lead to new possibilities that may unlock some of the secrets of the Awakening.

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