A. V. Dalcourt a Dark Fantasy Author

Dark fantasy author A. V. Dalcourt sitting on a rustic bench in a field under a heavily overcast sky.

A. V. Dalcourt is the author of the growing non-romantic dark fantasy series Awakening and Awakening Fractured Memories.

She was convinced that her childhood home was haunted. Distorted visages made their presence known to those who dared stare into the hallway. In the basement, the voice of an elderly man sowed confusion and discord. These experiences and more left a lasting impression and affected how she crafts the Lovecraftian undertones of her stories.

Drawing on her occult heritage to combat her fears, it was only natural that she’d fall in love with fantasy stories that focused on magic and all-powerful beings to thwart the darkest of evils. But magic solutions don’t solve worldly problems…

Using the subtleties of human behavior to craft her demons, rituals, and magic systems, A. V. Dalcourt is a lover of modern sorcery, psychological character portrayals, epic battles between good and evil and the huge grey area that separates them.

She is writing two non-romantic dark fantasy projects:

  • Awakening Fractured Memories: you’ll delve into the recollections of the characters in the realm of The Awakening – each reliving a foundational event that set them on the course toward turning back the tide of evil.
  • Awakening: confronted with the impossibility of surviving the killing fields, school star athlete Seth Wright seeks the help of a Demon Hunter to train him for his service in the war. Instead, he meets Astral Daamon a surly teenage survivor of two demon raids, who is bent on breaking him. When a demon threatens to rise beneath their school, Seth has to accept that he’s in over his head or die trying to save his peers.

Awakening Serialized on Patreon

I’m a methodical writer, which unfortunately slows me down. Significantly. Meaning I’m never going to publish a book every 30 days. It’s just not in my DNA. I enjoy layering in nuance and thinking about how the most insignificant detail can have an enormous impact on the how the story unfolds. Sometimes, it leads to some pretty heavy re-writes. I love it! But it slows me down.

After the umpteenth email from my readers (I love you all) who have reached out asking about when the Awakening Hunters Gambit will be available (I’m hoping by the end of the 2022), I’ve decided setup a compromise for my readers who want more Awakening right now.

Through Patreon, I’m offering early access to the unedited 3rd draft and exclusive access to the 4th draft (pre-editor versions) of the ongoing Awakening series. I drop story content weekly for Tier 2 subscribers, and full chapters for Tier 3 subscribers more or less monthly.

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